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hi, I'm COCO

I made a book,
check it out below.

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Coco says what?

the Coco Code is an illustrated book, featuring Coco, the Boston Terrier, and her ability to communicate a level of curiosity, playfulness, appreciation and love through her actions. The book is a standing invitation to join Coco in finding the bliss that surrounds each of us, to start a conversation, and to listen to others, especially those who communicate differently from ourselves. 

Want to get it “pawtographed”?

Doing Good.

We are new here, but we hope to help, even if we start small.
A percentage of all proceeds are donate to a seasonal featured animal rescue organization.

$462 DONATED & counting


the Team

“the Coco Code” is a passion project written and illustrated by Sara Czosnyka. The book was Sara’s way of highlighting and honoring the simple pleasures that our best friends often share with us.

Thank You for being a part of our “pack”.